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Gorgeous gifts just for you delivered directly through your letterbox

no more missed deliveries

no more waiting in

no more queuing


Checkout our Summer 2020  collections

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Visit our summer 2020 collections

Our collections are delivered directly to you through your letterbox this summer

- no more staying in for delivery and no more missed deliveries

- no more queueing to collect your delivery

- no monthly direct debits

- lots of easy ways to pay

- 100 % customer return policy


There's something
for everyone

gorgeous, sexy underwear delivered directly to you 

through your letterbox this summer

-  super summer savings offer

- no more waiting in for delivery and no more missed deliveries

- no monthly direct debits or contracts

- lots of easy ways to pay

- 100 % customer returns

Hipster boyshorts are super comfortable to wear and look great when worn at home with a t-shirt or chemise




We believe in women feeling great everyday and at truly affordable prices. 

This summer we are launching our brand new lacy hipster boyshorts range in a range of sizes. We deliver through your letterbox our introductory offer - a pack of 5 individual pairs in black, white, red, salmon pink and purple in sizes l, xl, xxl.  We have a limited number of packs in each size to the first customers who email their actual hip-size to us and quote 'justforyou' offer

Your pack of 5 pairs of lacy hipsters costs £19.99 and £6.99 postage in the U.K, Whereas in Europe (EU only), Guaranteed delivery, directly and discretely through your letter box.  

Normally we would be retailing our sexy lacy hipster boyshorts at 9.99 plus VAT or IVA so our limited summer offer is a huge saving


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